Why are butterflies important?

Why are butterflies important?

Photo from Dhara Thakkar (3)

This was a question posed to the school children ,Eager little hands would shoot up into the air and answers such as “because they are beautiful” or “because they make me happy” were shared. And the truth is these answers were absolutely correct. How can you argue with the wisdom of a five-year-old who simply declares that some creature is important because it makes them happy? I like the logic of five-year-olds. It is simple and to the point and honest…sometimes brutally so.

as I taught them about the coolness of these beautiful creatures we take for granted.

So why are butterflies important? If you google this question you will find a load of answers…

they have an interesting life-cycle worthy of study

all creatures are important

they’ve been around for a long time

they are a very diverse species

they are an important food source (for birds, lizards, etc.)
etc., etc.

All of this is true and probably not super interesting to most. What is interesting are two major functions these beautiful winged creatures perform.

#Butterflies are pollinators#

Butterflies are the third most populace pollinator behind bees/wasps and flies. In case you haven’t heard, we are facing a pollinator crisis. The world’s food supply depends on pollinators. As smart as we humans think we are, we haven’t figured out how to produce food without pollinators. And unlike the water crisis that is happening world-wide . the pollinator crisis is something that everyone can help with no matter where you are.

Plant a garden full of flowering perennials, shrubs, and Fall is the time to plan your gardens, and for some, it is the optimal time to plant. You will get an immense amount of pleasure and joy out of your garden while providing for all kinds of pollinators.

#Butterflies are an indicator species#

An indicator species is one that tells us about the health of our environment. These creatures are so sensitive to changes in climate, the presence of harmful chemicals, pollution in the air and water, and any other changes in the environment. We look to indicator species to help us determine how healthy our surroundings are.

So…step outside. Look around your yard. Do you see plenty of butterflies and other insects happily buzzing about? No? Then it is time to take stock in the condition of your environment. If your yard is not indicator species friendly, then it is not friendly to you and your family.

#What can you do?#

The decline of the butterfly and the honey bees is heralded far and wide, but they play such a critical role in our very existence. The good part about all of this is everyone of us can genuinely play an active role in making things better. How?

1) Plant some flowers

2) Stop using harmful chemical

3) Educate yourself, your children, and everyone else you come in contact with

4) Think twice before smashing that disgusting “worm” or spraying that bee

5) Get the kids involved

So we will list the common Butterflies of India and there Host plant so you all can grow plants as well as attract the butterfies in your Garden or Balcony.
So Today’s first Buttetfly is Tawny Coster.

A rather active butterfly moslty seen during and after the Monsoon.Considered and unpalatable species so it does not appeal to any of the predators.It defends itself,by exuding an unpleasant oily liquid when captured or handled.The caterpillar is dark brown in colour with numerous spikes and an orange head.It has a beautiful white coloured pupa with many Orange spots on it.

( Krushankamal )

passion Flower

This are some photos in our Garden
Tawny Coster laying Eggs on krushankamal.
You can grow this at home easily and attract beauties:)

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