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Arundhati Mhatre


Helping hands bring birds back to Mumbai

MUMBAI: The sweltering summer has started to affect not only humans, but is also taking its toll on the city’s birds. Nevertheless, many nature lovers in the city have taken it upon themselves to help their helpless feathered friends. Now, their efforts seem to be paying off. Read more…

She Helps Birds Hum a Happy Tune

A day when every second household contributes bird shelters and feeders is how 34-year-old Arundhati Yatish Malhar Mhatre envisages the mission of her venture, Arenya. A computer engineer, Arundhati fell in love with birds sometime ago when she received a bird shelter as a gift from a friend. She kept it outside her window and in no time it was occupied by a sparrow couple. That was when she got hooked to the winged creatures. Read more…

In the concrete jungle of Mumbai, a woman nurtures birds –

Every morning five parakeets visit a seventh-floor flat of a Mumbai housing building for a special breakfast of washed and sundried rice and sunflower seeds. They like it so much that they return in the evening. Some others come for lunch too!

Because, you see, this apartment is a special refuge for the feathered ones. – Read more…

One thought on “What do People Say!!

  1. Prof.S.Natarajan

    Good effort, I have tried in a small way without success. With yr input I may be able to attract birds.

    Wish you all the best.
    I saw the write up in EDEX yesterday(20-4-2015) IE. Chennai.


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