TELL ME FRIEND : As Shared by Shailendra Chandna

As Shared by Shailendra Chandna :

(Before Clinton’s first visit to India)


“Clinton-Clinton all say
Who is he by the way ?”
Asked a sparrow from a parrot,
“Does he have wings
Like you and I,
Which kind of a person is that guy,
Does he know how to fly ?

Would he like to be
Our guest and
Accept our hospitality,
Or will he just come and go,
Like a Siberian crane
Leaving us behind in tears,
Tell me friend ?”

Soothsayer parrot answered with a sigh,
“All big people are on a high,
Whether Clinton or Crane,
Who knows his visit
Proves boon or bane,
With our minds light, lets keep our fingers tight,
After all God’s there, to answer our wish and prayer.”

– Shailendra
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