The Team


A for Arundhati Mhatre, A for Arenya

One look at Arundhati and words like zest, energy, enthusiasm, compassion, love, life, creativity, bravery, sincerity, craziness and similar would do a dance in your mind. And one wouldn’t be disappointed because she is an abundance of all these and more. Arundhati is a Technical Consultant by profession. She believes in working with oodles of wit and a pack of intelligent decisions. She is a person who is in love with everything that is even remotely associated with nature, especially Dragonflies , Insects and wildflowers. Her die-hard attitude and compassion is what fuels Arenya. We at Arenya look up to her for motivation and innovation.

She is the heart behind Arenya and plays the role of a strategist as well as a critic; and manages day-to-day plans and accounts.


S for Shrutika Kalgutkar, S for Shakespeare

Words fall short for this creative young lady. Shrutika is an M.Sc. in Computer Science and works as a Technical Writer. She is a bubbly sweet girl who wants to befriend you only if you know who Bear Grylls is. A very passionate and confident individual, she happens to be a born photographer too. She loves every aspect of nature whether it is Bird watching, Conservation, or Sustainable Development. We at Arenya look up to her as a team motivator, who has a vision that can take the organization way ahead.

She is the essayist behind our content and plays the role of a strategist.


V for Vishwanath Birje, V for Virtues

Vishwanath is a man with principles, he sticks to the rules of his art and that is what makes him a star. It was while mastering the art of macro photography that he fell in love with nature. Vishwanath is a freelance graphic designer by profession and a remarkable photographer. He manages logistics, product designs, and graphics. We at Arenya look up to him as our one-man army for Quality Assurance.

He is the artist behind all our graphics and plays the role of a critic, who weighs every option’s feasibility with a practical approach.


A for Abhishek Bawkar, A for Adventures

To describe Abhishek, compassion clubbed with modesty would be the best. One can always count on him. A gifted photographer, whose favorite subjects to name a few are, wildlife, star trails, weddings, and products. Abhishek works as a software professional and a wild lifer. A person who is always in the gaseous state, blends effortlessly with the team and makes everyone absolutely comfortable; all this while keeping himself at the backstage. We at Arenya look up to him as a peoples’ person.

He is the eye behind our product photographs and manages the customer relations and the IT part of the organization.

D is for Dhara , D is for Dearest

A true mediator , she is full of positive vibes and overflows with Love and Care and Compassion .Butterfly being her favorite Subject , she has a lot of Butterfly attracting plants in her Window Sill . She follows a green lifestyle and does composting , creates Bio Enzymes from the Lemon/Orange peels , follows green menstruation and many many things. She loves sitting quietly and observing the sting-less bees  activity for hours from the Honey Bee Box  , she has mounted in her Window sill .  She dreams of being a farmer and staying all surrounded by Nature .

She manages the customer relationship part of Arenya !!