Shelter/Feeder Care

The Wooden shelters are been designed specially for the Urban settings.

The Shelters and Feeders should be hanged in such a way that there is minimal sway.

The Shelters should be hanged on safe heights and should be safe from predators like Cats.

The Bamboo , Coconut and Clay shelters / feeders can be used in Urban and Non Urban settings.

These artificial Shelters should be left undisturbed once they are occupied.

The Shelters can be cleaned if it is feasible when it is not the nesting period.

But it is seen that the shelters have been cleaned by the birds   , even to the extent that the birds are trained to shit outside the shelters in the case of Starlings (eg . Maina).

The Feeder needs to be cleaned at-least once a week .

The Feeder if holds water is to be cleaned without using soaps and should not be allowed to become slimy.

Take care the holes in the shelter basement are not clogged and should be cleaned if feasible.