Plants Attracting Butterflies and Insects!

There are two types of plants :      1. Host Plants             2. Nectarine plants

1. Host Plants :

Host Plants : Host plants are the plants on which the Butterflies of a particular species lay eggs . There is a correlation between the plants and the butterflies .They are used by Butterflies to lay eggs and the caterpillars feed on the leaves and pupate and butterfly emerge.

Tawny Coster Laying Eggs on Passion Fruit Plant !!

English Name of Plant
Local Name of Plant
Scientific Name of Plant
Butterfly Name
Touch-me-not Lajalu Mimosa Common Grass Yellow
Lemon Limbu Citrus Common Mormon , Lime Butterfly and other Swallow tail Butterflies
Curry Leaf Kadipatta Murraya Common Mormon  and other butterflies
Leaf of life Panphutti Bryophyullum Red Pierrot Butterfly
False ashoka Ashok Polyalthia Tailed Jay butterfly
Milkweed Rui Calotropis Plain Tiger and Crow Butterfly
Palm Trees Skipper Butterfly
Custard apple Sitaphal Annona squamosa Guava Blue and other Blue Butterflies
Gardenia Anant Chafa Guava Blue and other Blue Butterflies and Humming Bee Moths
Guava Peru Psidium guajava Guava Blue Butterfly
Butterfly Ginger Lily Sontaka Hedychium coronarium Grass Demon Butterfly
Wild Turmeric Jungli Halad Cucurma Grass Demon Butterfly
Golden Shower Tree Amaltas Cassia fitsula Emmigrant Butterfly
Plumbago Chitrak Plumbago Zebra Butterfly
Passion Fruit Krushnakamal Tawny coster butterfly
Yellow Alder Turnera ulmifolia Tawny coster butterfly
Cycas Palm Plains Cupid Butterfly
Wild Ixora Monkey Puzzel Butterfly
Castor Earendel Castor Butterfly

Frangipane – many moths use them as food plants

2. Nectarine plants :

Nectarine Plants : Ideally all flowers in bunches attract butterflies, so that butterflies don’t have to jump to a new flower for sipping nectar,which results in lost of energy , note( Asteraceae family ) Zhandu’s single flower is also equivalent to a bunch of flowers . The flowers of this plants are used by Butterflies to sip nectar. It is not specific to Butterfly species .

Common Mormon Nectarine on Pentas

English Name Local Name Scientific    Name Remarks
Coat Buttons  Khal-muriya Tridax Procubens Very Common , grows wild along road side
Jungle geranium  Rugmini  Ixora  Red Bunches of flowers on shrubs
Star flower  Pentas Pink flowers are favorite . Penk , Red and many colors available
 Chaste Tree Nirgudi Vitex Negundo A small tree with violet color spikes , usually seen on fences
Fountain Bush Tree Bharangi Cleodandrum A small tree with violet color  fountain shaped  flower bunch
 Wild Basil Sabja and Tulsi  Ocimum  Many humming bees sip nectars . Also seen parakeets eating the flowers n seeds in summers as coolants.
 Sorrowless tree Sita Ashok  Saraca Asoca  Orange/Red Colored Flower Bunches appear on medium sized tree
Lantana Ghaneri  Lantana Camara  Pink flowers are favorite
Scorpion weed  Bhurundi  Heliotropium Indicum The flowers are use to sip nectar in addition to this the milky extract from this plant are also preferred by the tiger butterflies.
Silver Cockscomb  Kurdu Celosia Argentea  Butterflies and Birds love them
 Periwinkle Sadafhuli  Pervinca rosea  Even big swallowtails like Peacocks love nectaring
 Marigold Jhendu Asteraceae  All Asteraceae Family flowers are actually fused bunch of small flowers.
 Blue snakeweed  Kariyuttarani Stachytarpheta jamaicensis Awesome plant – lots of butterflies and sun birds come to sip nectar
 Orange Jasmine Kunti/Kamini Murraya paniculata The white flower attracts moths and small butterflies , but are also see attracting big butterflies like Gaudy Baron.
Lia These flowers attract lots of butterflies which are wildly grown , found at Forest edges