One Liners

In the Nesting season the male-female Sparrow bring nesting materials to create a soft cushion for the eggs to be laid , below experiences are related to this activity ,

  • The Male Sparrow had got a feather in his beak , I felt as if he had grown a Mustache.
  • It was the festival of Dassera , we had a flower garland hung at Main door , the couple were busy getting nesting material , they too got a dry flower garland which being long and unmanageable by tiny birds was left hanging outside , which gave a feeling that they had got one for their door too.
  • It was festival of Diwali , and I had got the Marigold flowers to make garlands , among which I found a caterpillar which when kept in the feeder dish was relished by the Sparrows.
  • While Fighting also the sparrow couple engage their beaks into each other ,such a cute gesture , isn’t it!!
  • Today the Father was feeding the young one , OH so much like my husband shares the family responsibilities !!