How was Arenya Born and Arenya’s Vision?

Working on years together in a field where our Hearts did not belong , there was a constant urge to surface out our passions !! Passion to work towards Nature , passion to create awareness in the masses !!

Prior volunteering experiences with organizations providing Artificial Nesting sought us an insight in this art of Artificial Nesting.Also not every strata of society were provided with equal options.So we thought of setting up a social enterprise which will work towards creating artificial nesting boxes for everyone ,also considering children. Creating Nest Boxes is one of the aspect of our work and we plan to add as many aspects to this . Its not necessary that only these nest boxes be bought by you , but similar setups can be done by using anything and everything that’s available with you.

We would love to conduct awareness programs in your schools and societies.

We would love to guide you, if you plan for setting up your gardens with these or any other nesting boxes .