We believe in God, only We spell it Nature. ~Frank Lloyd Wright

We at Arenya aspire to create a culture where every second household will have contributing hands in the form of

  • bird shelters
  • feeders

placed at appropriate locations. To know how, please visit our Products  section.

We also take workshops where we teach children/adults to make their own Feeders or Shelters from trash .

We give presentations about the Flora and Fauna found in and around our Urban setups.

We give presentations about sharing our passion and guide people to create Butterfly Gardens in their Window Sills , Balconies and Terraces .

For workshops and presentation , please write to us at email mentioned in the contact us .

With our focus and motivation clear, Arenya is a heartfelt effort to do our bit and share responsibilities with Mother Nature. On a broader sense, Arenya aims to inspire and guide you through. We invite you all to pick up your bit and get going. Work with feathered friends or the farmers’ friends; relive the lessons taught in school, get motivated and pave way for others.

“When you move your focus from competition to contribution, life becomes a celebration. Never try to defeat people, just win their hearts.” – Gautama Buddha